Little ‘mo’ on Matty Mo

OK, so I did not actually end my discussion on Cardinal free agent turned San Francisco Giant Matt Morris.  When a guy has spent more than 10 years, 11 to be exact, and his whole career in a Cardinals uniform, he arguably deserves more than two columns.  According to Rick Hummel of the St. Louis Post Dispatch, "longtime Cardinals ace Matt Morris has agreed to a three-year contractworth between $24 million and $27 million with the Giants, and
according to agent Barry Axelrod, (former Cardinals catcher) Matheny played a significant role in
Morris’s decision."  It is interesting because the Cards let Matheny go in a youth movement opting instead with then promising catcher Yadier Molina.  Molina has turned out to be more than up to the challenge of replacing a gold glove veteran catcher like Matheny and actually caught the Cardinals first Cy Young winner since Bob Gibson, in the form of Chris Carpenter.

Whether Morris will do better in a clubhouse joining former Cards Steve Kline and Matheny as well as the Barry Bonds is yet to be seen.  Pitching phenom Anthony Reyes is set to somehow take Morris’s place in the rotation with far less experience than Molina had when the torched was passed to him.  A big question that everyone is wondering is how will the Cardinals spend the 40 million dollars they are supposed to have left, after losing out on AJ Burnett, Morris, Sanders, Grudzielanek, Tavarez, Javier Vasquez etc.  Cardinal nation would like to know, and they would like to know sooner rather than later…



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