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Bonds, Race and Baseball

Thoughts on Bonds, Race and Baseball

I think Bonds was hated long before the steroiddebate began. And I think he genuinely believes it had/has something to
do with his race. With the history of racism in this game I think black
american players are held to a slightly higher standard–certainly the
superstars are, and Bonds hasn’t been a perfect gentleman like Hank
Aaron or Jackie Robinson or Ernie Banks, or even his own father who
made it possible for Bonds to play the game. Barry carries a sense of
arrogance which I think all fans dislike especially those who aren’t
Giants fans. Do I think I Bonds is hated because he his black? No.
Would the situation be exactly the same if he wasn’t black? No. It’s
just not as cut and dry as you hate him because of his race or you
don’t. Race plays a role in many parts of society, including
professional baseball. The thing that tells me that race does not
define who we like and dislike in baseball was the huge ovation Willie
McGee received yesterday when he caught the first pitch (along with Bob
Gibson). The Cardinals have refused to retire his number, he isn’t
headed to the hall of fame, but he’s a humble, classy, iconic St. Louis
Cardinal, and he got the loudest applause of anyone yesterday, and it
was really a beautiful thing.